Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #367 – 07-28-11

Email your technology legal questions, More on OS X Lion, Wireless card repair tip, HP Scan to Computer workaround, more printing solutions, Backup integrity check, Logon as service domain server question

(40 minutes)

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  1. Andy Helsby says:

    Hi Mike – I’m way behind on my podcasts and managed to listen to this entire episode whilst sitting in a parking lot waiting to leave after a hot air balloon festival…
    Anyway, not sure if you have fixed your service issue yet, but check out the group policy settings for the services, in particular the domain controller policy. There is probably a gp that specifies what services can run as a service and this is overriding your settings. Although you can set and run after a reboot, the group policy will change it back about 15 minutes later but it will not stop the service, but it will stop it from restarting.
    I have had similar issues after a previous tech/company was a bit too enthusiastic in the lock downs. In my case they severely restricted file permissions, registry settings, services etc. Even dhcp was not allowed to start. The windows firewall was stopped from running although configured to run. As the firewall can’t start but is configured to do so, the os is in a locked down position and nothing is able to get in remotely – made remote troubleshooting a lot harder – thank goodness for logmein etc!
    Anyway, if you have are still having issues, feel free to send me a gpresult from the server and I’ll take a look.

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