Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #361 – 06-16-11

The reason for change control, XP Repairs, Listener infection cleaning process

(45 minutes)

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  1. TM says:

    Could you list that listeners infections cleaning programs he is using etc.

  2. Andy Helsby says:

    Hi Mike – I caught up with this show yesterday and then got myself infected last night despite security essentials, firefox and noscript – first time ever for an infection. Very Mad….
    Can you post your registry/batch files that you mentioned on the show for restoring file extensions and allowing exe’s to run? I got antivir 7 infected (I think) – i’ve yet to start the cleaning process – using another computer to download latest patches etc.
    For the other commenter- combofix, super anti spyware portable, vipre rescue, malware bytes were the tools that I can remember Mike mentioning.
    Personally I’d normally wipe the machines – especially in a business where paying me to clean up an infection is probably a lot more than buying a new pc (but then a new pc also needs configuring,patching, updating etc.

  3. Andy Helsby says:

    Win 7 Antivirus 2012 is the infection I got (and runs in safe mode too 🙁

  4. Hi Mike! Just wanted to thank you for mentioning my data recovery services! I had a potential client contact me today after he heard about me on your show. Given what he told me, I think it’s very likely I’ll be able to recover his data on 3 bad hard drives (one clicking WD drive, one drive that doesn’t spin at all, and one USB WD drive).
    -Brian Cometa

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