Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #355 – 05-05-11

Storing your passwords in the cloud, Google Apps Changes, LogMeIn Restart Options, Cyber Bullying

(42 minutes)

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  1. Andy Helsby says:

    Hi Mike – slowly catching up to listening to your podcast and it looks like you’ve already covered the https options in gmail and facebook. I strongly suspect this is how the script kiddie is obtaining the usernames and passwords for the email accounts. I would also strongly suggest the guy activates the two factor authentication for gmail which will prevent someone from logging in with the username and password as they won’t have the secret keys. If the kid has a cell phone (and I suspect they do) the phone can be used as the secondary authentication or you can print out sets of numbers to be used. You get prompted for this every time you log into gmail (with the option to remember your authentication for 30 days – but I would not recommend this option for the netbook as this is already compromised). Turn on two factor authentication by logging in (at home) to gmail, go to My account in the top right and then under security there should be an option for two factor authentication. Facebook settings are under account/settings/account security. This sends a txt message to the cell phone if logging on from an unrecognised device.
    I would also highly recommend reformatting the pc just in case there is a keylogger installed.

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