Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #353 – 04-21-11

IE 8 problem, Windows update errors, Windows XP file sharing issue, Remote Desktop, Client Management System

(42 minutes)

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  1. Kobi says:

    Hi Mike,
    I use Tap Forms for iPad and iPhone for time tracking and ticket info recording. I found it much more useful than specific apps for keeping data or form filling since you can customize it anyway you want and create any forms you want right on the iPad/iPhone. It is very easy to export data to csv and upload to dropbox. The huge benefit of this app is that you can use any iPhone/iPad data in your forms, including gps location info, camera and even sound memos. I think that when you can create and customize your forms with relational databases, pick lists and integration with iDevice internal.contact list, all other business apps become optional. I know some auditors use this app to quickly record their audits.


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