Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #325 – 09-30-10

Xmarks going away, FiOS story, Workstation upgrade project, Microsoft withdraws SteadyState, TrueCrypt question, Windows 7 printers video

(32 minutes)


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Show #325 Notes

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Some of the songs on this program were provided by Magnatune.com

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  1. CitizenX says:

    Thank you, Mike for giving Michael a good stage.
    As you know I also mentioned I was not thrilled with how it was mixed.
    When I gave FusionMike that feedback he sent me another song
    “New Stage” that was mixed better.

    My Fav YT artist Kina Grannis — I traveled 5 hours to see her live in ATL
    I bought a table (for four) because I wanted to be guaranteed to get in
    because it was a very small venue (it was awesome!!!)

    While in the Vegas airport
    I caught Kina’s kick -off SanFran Concert streaming live on ustream
    — with chat
    Michael was in Valdosta and wanted to see Kina in ATL
    (sold out show)
    Told him I had two seats.
    He brought his sister.

    I am still sitting here ASTOUNDED

    Again, Mike, THANK YOU!
    I knew if you played it, you would do him justice
    .. and you served it up nicely!

  2. Michael says:

    I am Michael Barlow or FusionMike and I really thank you so much for playing my song on my show. I really appreciate it alot!!!!

  3. Michael says:

    Also Thanks to Barbra for linking the music with you. Everyone can also follow me on twitter @FusionMike to get quick updates on my journey in music! thanks!

  4. CitizenX says:

    Hey! About that XMarks?
    There is a Pledgebank page where you can sign up if you’re willing to pay at least $10 a year for Xmarks
    More here:

  5. CitizenX says:

    Gah NM — WW just mentioned it on the show.