Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #323 – 09-16-10

FiOS line down, BroadBand2Go, An Outlook adventure story, Google Instant and some consulting stories

(49 minutes)


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  1. chris says:

    Here in the UK I use a T Mobile broadband dongle for my backup internet. I purchased it for £.8.99 + £10.00 top up and it came with 30 days free internet with a 2GB limit. It arrived the next morning and no kidding, that very next day my internet connection went down just before a public holiday weekend. The download speeds are better than I expected. (I can also plug the dongle into my Draytek Vigor router which is very handy).

  2. Andy Helsby says:

    Hi Mike – as a member of FriendsInTech, I can confirm we are still around and the child friendly flier is still available. I’ve just created a new posting to refer to the flier again – the posting and flier is available at http://www.friendsintech.com/index.php/archives/309


  3. Tim says:

    One thing that I have always done and maybe it is wrong let me know.
    But I have always used CCLEANER.com (portable version for no install) to clean out the temporary files on the users computers.
    It seems to work everytime.

  4. Tim says:

    Sorry I wasn’t specific on the previous post it was in reference to the temporary files in outlook issues.

    This happens with excel sheets etc.

    I think there was a program or a registry hack that you can re route the temporary file to another folder on the computer and then you can write a batch file to clean that file out accordingly.


  5. Andy Helsby says:

    Hey Mike – did you ever do a feedback show about the outlook temp files and did you get my script that works out where the files are?