Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #320 – 08-26-10

Philadelphia bloggers get taxed, Wireless Point of Sales system, Do you need a server, mozy, BounceBack

(29 minutes)


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  1. Andy Helsby says:

    Hi Mike – great show as always but I’m surprised Winston didn’t jump down the internet tubes to gag you when you said SBS can only have one domain controller (I’ve not caught up with the show yet to see if this was corrected in a subsequent show). This is totally incorrect. SBS can have as many domain controllers as you like – up to 74 (due to the 75 device limit) if you *really* wanted to. The confusion lies behind the fact that the SBS server MUST contain all of the FSMO roles – the Primary Domain Controller Emulator, Schema Master, Infrastructure Master, RID master, Domain Naming master.

    As to your options for a server for small businesses – you could also include the WindowsHomeserver – no AD and perfect for a smalll business with less than 10 machines as you can back up the pc’s to the Home Server. Also for those clients who don’t need exchange and have less than 15 pc’s AND getting a new server then Foundation Server is also a good choice – All the advantages of AD and cheaper than buying Windows2008 by itself.

    I’m also not sure if you are aware of TechSoup.org or not – but they have very cheap Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe software (and others) for 503c organizations – typically you pay an “administrative” fee for the software but a couple of bucks per licence is very useful for the charity organizations we work with.


  2. Andy Helsby says:

    ps – so does a casual babysitter need a business licence in philadelphia now?