Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #315 – 07-15-10

Laptop repairs, Symantec SPAM service tip, Portable Firefox, Still fighting spyware, OpenDNS, Future show topic – How to get new clients, LogMeIn Ignition, Professor Messer, Repairing Windows XP

(39 minutes)


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1 Comment

  1. Clyde R. Visser says:

    Hey Mike, you mentioned OpenDNS in Show #315. I’ve been using OpenDNS for some time now. I’ve also been using a DNS benchmark as well to see how well it stacks up with other DNS servers. It’s from Steve Gibson at GRC.com and can be found at http://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm . I’m also using a caching DNS server (bind9) on a local Ubuntu LAMP server as the primary DNS on my router. Bind9 provides excellent response times on already cached DNS look-ups. The OpenDNS dashboard says that my activity appeared to drop by a large margin after I started using Bind9 which makes sense since most look-ups are to places that I’ve been to before and are already cached.

    Stay well and God Bless.