Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #692 – 05-09-19

AnimateGif, IrfanView, QuickBooks troubleshooting, Firefox Send

(25 minutes)

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  1. Frank says:

    Sorry to nitpick, but Gif is a very bad format for photos. It only supports up to 256 colours (and in the animated variant, I think all frames must share this one palette). As a consequence, photos look horrible and the file size speaks for itself.

    So did you seriously put a 44 MB gif on a web page???? For 9 jpegs that would require maybe 5 % of that? This is a big waste of bandwidth, the page will take forever to load and force low-power devices to their knees.

    The website in question was a no-frills-notepad product, so no fancy scripting. In that case, a good static solution would be to put a bar of thumbnails at the top which link to the original size. That’s no HTML rocket science.

    Just my two’n’half cents for the next time. 😉

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