Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #654 – 04-19-18

Deep learning system build, Application full screen issue, Comcast outage story, CD/DVD use

(29 minutes)

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  1. Robert Ilbrink says:

    Mike, with regard to various browsers and Adobe spontaneously going into full screen mode, have you considered the F11 key to be the problem? Could the keyboard be the culprit?

    P.s. this comment doesn’t work on an Android phone as the submit button is then hidden behind the text box.


    Robert Ilbrink

  2. Michael says:

    Just wnated to say that I just wanted to hear some computer talk while I was working as I own my own company, went to High Tech Texan and he went to marketing/real estate so that went bad, kim kommonda and you have to have a subscription to hear her, I got so bummed out…so I searched and found you some how. I appreciate your show, not sure how or when it was created but to hear a tech guy talk while working on tech stuff just is fun for me…

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