Monday, March 26, 2007

Single Directory Juice Solution

From Ian in the UK - Great solution for moving Juice podcasts to a single directory.
  • Create a folder somewhere (c:\podcast in this example)
  • Power up juice, click on FILE, then PREFERENCES, then ADVANCED
  • Paste in the following in to the empty box: move "%f" "c:\podcast"
  • Save, Close Down
The next time you run it, it should fetch all your new podcasts and put them in your folder (you see a little window open and close as the juice script you just typed in above executes each time after downloading each podcast)

Screen shot [here]


Blogger Robert said...

Robert from Amsterdam, the Nethelands

In addition to Ian's "move" script, I also run this script AFTER juice has downloaded the files. This cript ensures that all podcasts are roughly at the same audio level.

"C:\Program Files\MP3Gain/mp3gain.exe" /r /d -4 /c /p C:\1Robert\2Podcasts\_Temp\*.mp3
Move /Y C:\1Robert\2Podcasts\_Temp\*.mp3 C:\1Robert\2Podcasts\_NewProgramsNormalGain\
Move /Y C:\1Robert\2Podcasts\_Temp\*.* C:\1Robert\2Podcasts\_Video\


Robert Ilbrink, Amsterdam

1:16 AM  

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